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Hi! Iā€™m your story teller, Sabina Kelly. Thanks for stopping by. Jack Stuler was my Pop. Also he was my best friend, hero, and my life inspiration. This blog is the place where you can read about Jack from my perspective. I need to tell you this story, because it’s too funny and interesting not to, and I am not ready for this world to forget about him. He was quirky, and hilarious. He was sweet, and adorable, and the sometimes the most annoying person ever. If you knew him, you know what I mean. But he is also the most brilliant artist Ive ever known, truly creative beyond words, more driven than anyone I have ever met. I need to tell you his story because he was a good man. Truly he was. I’m not going to go into detail right now, just keep checking back and I will tell you alll about the guy who contemplated “the otherness of things”, bearing his soul through the lens in macro proportions. He passed away leaving this world and his many friends feeling the world a lesser place without him in it. He is missed, and this blog is bringing some of him back, if only to reminisce, hopefully divulging his essence enough that you will conjure an echo of his giggle and see his bounce down the hall in his Birks, cowboy hat, and bullet-casing belt buckled Levi’s, the ensemble he donned daily to go meet life and it’s endless possibilities. Jack Stuler would expound his version of life’s meaning if you were around to listen for a spell as he would “hold court” and tell, grumble, cackle, instruct, yodel, munch, and tell some more. Enjoy…

Have a story about Jack of your own?? I want to read it! Let me know, so we can add it to this assemblage as we gather them together, weaving together these treasures I hope will ring my ears and quench my heart with love for the dad I miss so much. I hope I tell these stories in a way that you know they come from my heart. I have only the utmost respect for him, a man I wish to honor through a lifetime of stories filled with humor, love, and some tears, but mostly laughter from memories we made together over the 49 years I knew him as my dad.

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  1. What a great idea! I want to read all the stories! I’m only sorry that I didn’t know your father when he was alive! šŸ˜

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